IRIS Imager

IRIS Imager software has been developed with the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch as an end to end solution for the acquisition and analysis of forensic images.

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Images may be directly captured into the software through high resolution cameras, scanned directly from most scanners, or opened from saved files.
Images are saved with full audit trail in a format compatible with Ident1 (the national fingerprint database), or for further analysis on screen, or for printing at the correct scale.

In development and use for almost a decade, and in widespread use by police forces throughout the UK, the software may be used to capture images as part of the Integrated Rapid Imaging System (IRIS) as well as importing images from other sources.

Flexible and Adaptable

The software has been designed to be used at any point within the workflow of the forensic image, from a laptop at the scene of a crime, to the laboratory and fingerprint bureau.

With ongoing development over many years, and driven by the people who use the software, IRIS Imager includes many features to ensure that images are processed rapidly and reliably, and assist with their longer term organization and storage.
Developed to fit into multiple positions within the digital image workflow, and with an acknowledgement that different organizations work differently, IRIS Imager aims to be both powerful and flexible, as well as quick and easy to use. 
IRIS Imager does not require any specialised hardware. It will run on any Windows based PC or laptop, and is particularly suited to use on a network. Beyond a simple installation it does not require any further management.

About IRIS

The Integrated Rapid Imaging System (IRIS) was developed by the Home Office Scientific development branch to facilitate the rapid acquisition of fingerprint and other forensic images. With integrated lighting, and focusing techniques it allows images to be quickly and easily aquired and saved in a format compatible with Ident1.

The IRIS Imager software is used to control the integrated scientific grade cameras and display live images, and save and process images in a controlled way to comply with the recommended digital imaging procedure.

More than twenty IRIS workstations have been produced and are in use throughout the UK. Eye Detect continues to support the software used on IRIS workstations.

Development Ethos

All software development for IRIS Imager is performed in house, using the experience gained over many years to deliver a reliable and highly customised piece of software.
Based on the understanding that close co-operation with end users is essential we value feedback and view the development process as a co-operative one. Working closely with the Home Office Scientific Development Branch and police forces, allows us to understand the issues sometimes faced when using digital images, and produce software that addresses these by working with, and where possible, improving existing processes.
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